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About Us

Together We Strive was founded in 2020 by William Jackson Jr. He discovered that Dekalb County was experiencing disturbing food insecurity. William received this news from Big Miller Grove One (Just1BMG), who invited him to participate in a food drive at Big Miller Grove Missionary Baptist Church in Stonecrest, GA.

Upon arriving at the food drive, William was surprised by the numerous vehicles at the event. Once the food supply had been depleted, several other cars continued to arrive — there wasn’t enough food to meet the need of the community.

With the assistance of Just1BMG, William decided it was time to sponsor a food drive to meet the community’s needs.

On September 10, 2022, Together We Strive funded their first Food Drive at Big Miller Grove Missionary Baptist Church. 940 families received nutritious food like meat, vegetables, poultry, fish, fruits, grains, dairy, and bread.

Since the first drive, the number of participants served has grown at each Together We Strive monthly food distribution.